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God forbid I get called an apologist again, but you need to give the mods a bit of a break. I've met a number of the mods, including Lynne, and they're solid people with good intentions.

Are they trigger happy right now because of recent events? Probably. Should you blame them? No.

OP, as legit as your post/question may have been...on the surface it could be seen as a yet another attempt at discussing what they've already said can't be discussed on the boards. Even if that wasn't your intent, other board members would have turned it into that.

Do I think they should have jumped as quickly as they did to stop the Castro/Robb Wolf thread? No...I think civil conversation/discussion was possible (as evidenced by the GreySkull thread and the Ripp leaving threads), but that was their judgment call to make.

They recently tried to fix that "mistake" by letting a thread through that only superficially referred to the fallout (check "request" in the Community Forum). As suspected, it only lasted four pages before somebody did something stupid. They gave us a shot and the igx troll blew it.

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