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I cleaned up my log a little bit because I've decided on a direction to focus my training seeing that I've had plenty of time to think on it.

When I am 100% again likely in 3 or 4 weeks I'm going back to strength training. No time table, no time limit. I've had enough time to see first hand that conditioning comes fast when strength is improved and can be developed fast in as little as 6 weeks. Good conditioning can also be balanced responsibly with a solid strength program.

I'll have to put some weight on as I've lost quite a bit already from friday, in fact some people have told me I need to get my weight up heh. I don't have a weight goal, I just wan't to lift big and eat big and take what comes with it. Get the numbers up.. I really want to break 2xBW squat and break 200 on the bench and hit some other numbers.

I'll see what I can squeeze out on linear progression for a while, then after that I will use what else is in the arsenal such as texas method then 5/3/1 then whatever else comes along.

I'll fit enough running in there to keep my 2 mile time good assuming my new waiver gets approved but that's it. I no longer think it's necessary to really complicate things with excessive metcon/CF shit, cf endurance, and all the other shit that does the opposite of what someone really wants: makes them anorexic and weak vs. strong and powerful.

My motivation: I want to be a fat fuck too.
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