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Side bar - I have been looking for a good instructional (book or DVD) with sport specific conditioning and exercises for MMA. I am referring to the below listed type of exercises that I always see them doing on either TUF or one of my MMA coaches usually makes up stuff. Has anyone ever bothered to catalog these exercises. Victory belt books are great encyclopedias on technique but I suggest putting out a book on conditioning/strength exercises and breaking into categories (i.e. these group of exercises help grappling, this sectioin for standup, etc.)

Here are some examples of the type of exercises I was thinking of:
1. Sprawling on medicine balls (partner rolls med ball to you),
2. Crawling on hands and feet without letting there bodies touch the ground but touching elbows to knees.
3. Various circuits.
4. sprawl, standup, partner throws med ball at you, catch it, and then sprawl again.

Those are best I could come up with off top of my head but you should get the idea. Does anyone catalog these somewhere....
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