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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
What's the issue with Boyle?
Even he admitted somewhere about going overboard on the whole "functional" thing with that book.....I think he would rewrite it if he could.

I've been a reader my whole life....but now, I hit my limit and going for a new concept....dumping my training ADD with no more books, ignorance of all the 1000s of training articles on the internet, progressively load compound/bodyweight lifts in a simple plan and eat lots of whole foods (with IF) for the next year.

Then I will have plenty of time for as DJ calls "wine walks".....which sound like a hell of alot more fun and a relaxed life worth pursuing.

Ahhhh....already feel 30 lbs lighter....

PS. Power to the People was a great read by Pavel.....I like his approaches, simple and fun.
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