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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Also, I don't see how you could stay competetive in both sports. It seems like one would have to choose one or the other....
i think that most individuals in this world aren't very competitive at multiple sports in general. in highschool maybe, but after that not so much. i'd like to be better at gymnastics personally, but that's always going to take second stage to grappling. therefore i'm not "competitive" with gymnastics. i feel that striving to be competitive will most likely reduce your potential in either category from strictly a time perspective. that is unless you cut out social/family life.

from a body recovery perspective, i don't squat that much anymore. i find that upper body work generally doesn't impair my grappling and such the next day. on the other hand, playing any form of the guard with sore legs is not good times. i feel that jumping and pistols maintain most of my strength needs in my legs. i generally do more power cleans now to avoid excess squatting, although i find that if i do squat, doing it out of a clean is preferable since it's mostly a concentric effort with less resultant soreness. thus, because i dont' squat very often, i would never expect my numbers on snatch and C&J to be particularly impressive.

Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Side bar - I have been looking for a good instructional (book or DVD) with sport specific conditioning and exercises for MMA.
scott sonnon's stuff is pretty good. here's some exercises i like:
1. quarter getups with a KB
2. boat type work (helps butterfly guard)
3. QDR's (helps free legs and balance with upper body)
4. ring work (since i ever started rings, my forearms seldom get burnt out during competitions)
5. parkour crawls
6. deck squats
7. while walking with my hands, keeping my body rigid, and putting an upside down frisbee under my feet to let them slide, i hand walk in forward planks, l-sits, manna-ish planks (belly button faces up, hands go behind), straddle walks (2 frisbees needed)
8. handstand work
9. muscle-ups - strictly for the benefits to the false grip. the way you cock your hand in the false grip has applications towards grappling.
ex) gable grip, then cock your wrists like a false grip. if you do it right, you'll notice how much sturdier the grip is
ex2) when you arm drag, cock your hand in the false grip when you wrap his upper arm. the heel of your hand/outer blade of your arm should hook on to his tricep pretty well, thus eliminating the need for fingers really.
10. ball balancing - roll all over that bitch. it's fun. try to roll from knees all the way over shoulders without falling off. do this for a while and you'll get pretty tired. i don't find standing on the ball helps much for fighting, but people will be impressed if you do it.
11. i'm gonna reiterate deck squats. i thought about it more and realized how applicable that motion is.

that's some stuff i can think of now. you already mentioned you OL, so the hips snap should be well ingrained.

Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
2. Crawling on hands and feet without letting there bodies touch the ground but touching elbows to knees.
that's the jacare. ronaldo jacare does it because "jacare" means crocodile (or alligator?) in portugese. when you look at the motion, it's similar to how a crocodile walks. it's also a bitch to teach people in the beginning.
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