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How about KB Lifting? My goal as KB Lifter is to get the most reps in a given duration; just like a Weightlifters goal is to put the most weight overhead. That's why Greg Everett's recent article in the Performance Menu really resonated with me in terms of Technique for the Generalist. I teach these principles to folks lifting KBs for Fitness and Sport.

I've coached and taught to quite a few people who mis-construed the relaxation or fluid terms to mean something else. These terms were also applied because the elite level lifters like my Coach Valery Fedorenko look relaxed when they lift, but this is because they are very skilled.

I know what Cotter's intent was at the time he wrote the article because we talked quite a bit then. I think he meant it to counter the tension used in Hard Style..which I understand. But, now after I've had to teach folks to not be loose or relaxed particularly in the fixation/lockout segment of the lifts, I do not like those adjectives. When someone is learning to put the weight overhead safely (even a light one) in a ballistic manner, I don't want them to think about being relaxed or even fluid. I want them to think about stopping or fixating it. "Fluid" ect...comes after you develop skill.

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