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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
The overboard thing was what I thought when reading Verstegan's book. Mark Verstegan is in the camp of boyle. They just get caught up on one thing and go too overboard. Verstegan's deal was his obsession with Swiss Ball exercises. They always seem to be making up some stuff where your needing all these accessories like rotational cable machines, swiss balls, bands, etc. then they market all the accessories somewhere.

I found this today, Ultimate MMA Conditioning, Has Anyone ever heard of that guy? You all probably aren't so much into that training. I'll ask grissim over in the fighting section.
In my opinion, Joel Jaimeson is the most knowledgable guy training MMA fighters right now. He applies block training to MMA, and his methods are based on science. If you'd like to know more about his methods, I'd be happy to share. His forum's a nice resource, because Lyle tends to answer most of the questions that are asked, moreso than Joel.
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