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Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
calcium and zinc kind of cancel each other out with absorption...

plus 10 bucks really isn't that much money for a month of something that works to get the basic needs down and really does help with the deep sleep.
They don't cancel each other out... they competitively inhibit.

e.g. the same transporters that move both of them into the body are probably both 2+ ion transporters.

Cheaper is much more worth it even if you have to take 1 extra tab/pill to cancel out the competitive inhibition.

edit: yep,
Calcium competes with magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese for intestinal absorption (Somer, 1995).

2+ ion transporters.

Taking one is not going to block the other except for 'some'. And it's probably not significant if you spread out the pill taking at different meals.
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