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Yeah, ironically I just found out a few days ago that Healthy Origins started making a 10,000 IU pill which BLOWS out the 5000 IU @ 360 pills price out of the water:

Which is what I am getting next go round. It's MUCH cheaper per cost than the 5000 IU. They do make a 120 pill one as well which comes outbetter than the 5000 IU @ 360 pills with the discount code as well:

Now if it was only in stock......

For reference with the coupon code:
5000 IU @ 360 pills $15 - $5 coupon = 1800 IU/cent
10000 IU @ 120 pills for $10 - $5 coupon = 2400/IU cent
10000 IU @ 360 pills for $20 - $5 coupon = 2400/IU cent

(without coupon 5000 IU 360 pills and 10000 IU 120 pills are the same at 1200 IU/cent while 10000 IU 360 pills is 1800 IU/cent)

I find it pretty ironic that my article as well as a few others that reference that pretty much sold out their stocks. I put myself on regular updates on when they come back in and they ALWAYS sell out within about ~4-6 hours of them sending e-mails that they have the product back in stock.
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