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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Yeah, ironically I just found out a few days ago that Healthy Origins started making a 10,000 IU pill which BLOWS out the 5000 IU @ 360 pills price out of the water:
I find it pretty ironic that my article as well as a few others that reference that pretty much sold out their stocks. I put myself on regular updates on when they come back in and they ALWAYS sell out within about ~4-6 hours of them sending e-mails that they have the product back in stock.
Noted and updated. Also added in a column specifying whether they are in softgels or caps/tabs so that people know whether they can chop them in two to increase/reduce dosages. Forgot to say that I only included fish oil in softgel form because I'm less worried then about bottles cracking and precious fish oil leaking.

Steven - that's bizarre...
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