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Originally Posted by Gary Ohm View Post
I'm hijacking my own thread now... I was searching the net for different sources of rings and came across these from torque athletics:

These would be for my own use at home and for driving vacations. I really like the idea of the larger than life diameter of the two inchers... The downside is that they are hugely expensive and still steel. But they are "rated" at 3500 pounds. Does anyone have any experience at all with these?

I know I'm contradicting myself compared to my first post, but my ideas are evolving...
that site is pretty legit. i like the war hammers. i hadn't seen somebody selling those before. i've been doing tons of sledge hammer and tire work recently, and i find it to be appealing to some primal instinct more so than any other exercise i do.

to stay on topic, the 2 inchers are kinda pricey in comparison. i'd still consider them though, it sounds like a cool idea. if you wanted to save money but wanted a thick ass ring, you could buy 2 pairs of reg rings, and then deck out one of them in athletic tape until it's thick. you could maybe put some padding on first so you'd use less tape, although this could make the thing feel wonky if you did a bad job.

i have grip tape on my rings mainly because it eases up a lot of pressure on my callouses. a lot of times i'd have to cut ring workouts short just because my callouses had had enough. you can get like a pack of 4 rolls of athletic tape at walgreens for $12. you don't have to roll the whole ring, just about about the lower third/half that you actually grab.
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