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after writing the last post, i thought about it and realized that i generally only use strength in 2 instances. the first is to keep stable body positions, and most of the time this just feels more like balancing to me than strength. the second way, and the only time i use strength to get stuff done in grappling, is grip/forearm strength. i find that as long as you just use snappy motions with your hands (like revving a motorcycle), they never burn out. if your forearms are constantly getting tired and you feel that they should be well trained in that area, then you're probably gripping too tightly at times when you shoulnd't be gripping that hard.

the one reason i like sonnon's stuff is that he seems to have the right mindset in that we're not always gonna be in our 20's. i'm 23, so i could maybe use athleticism do accomplish goals, but i'd rather be able to do this my whole life. some people were talking about hardstyle vs soft/fluid style KB training in another thread. the point i agree with in that discussion is that it's pretty easy to teach people how to get really tight and generate a lot of force. it seems to be much harder to teach people how to flow in and out of tightness and looseness. it's kinda like when somebody new comes to grapple, and they think they're tough, so you have to beat them down a for a few weeks until they realize they dont' know anything. then they'll learn to relax and learn how to do stuff.
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