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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
So just like crossfit...haha.

You will have to put that in layman terms for me.
Basically, the MMA world has caught the CrossFit-esque training bug. They've ditched road work, thinking that metcons mimic the needs of fighters. The problem is that metcons are not optimal for anything. They're not optimal for developing maximal strength, speed/power, strength endurance, the aerobic energy system, the glycolytic energy system, or the phosphagen energy system. While beginners can and should effectively train multiple qualities at once, advanced athletes need to train each quality separately in order to make improvements. Also, many of the adapations required of a fighter interfere with one another, especially aerobic and glycolytic adaptations. The emphasis that RossTraining/CrossFit/HIIT put on intensity are counterproductive to many aerobic adaptations. While MMA is mostly phosphagen and aerobic energy system intensive, nowadays training the anaerobic energy system through interval training is all the craze. Intervals can be used effectively to train fighters, but not in the manner that is usually prescribed (i.e., Tabatas).

If you'd like to learn some more, Joel has a sticky thread over at Sherdog. In the first few pages, he has to defend himself because everybody's a Ross Enamait lover over there, but eventually, he's able to get through to them and gives a lot of advice:

BTW. Joel has never, ever specifically called out Ross Enamait, while he has called out CrossFit explicitly. I believe he has chosen not to call out Ross because Ross is such a great guy, despite conflicting beliefs in training.
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