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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
The only problem with Diesel Crew is that you might fall into the variety for the sake of variety trap. They have a ton of exercise variations in their products, but their stuff is usually solid.
The key word there is products. They definitely sell stuff. Taken with that in mind I have purchased several of their products and each one is laid out so that it is a complete system. I use their combat core product integrated with 5/3/1 and most all of my grip training has come from one of their products or articles.

I also agree with Grissim that simplicity is probably paramount for most people.

Grissim made some interesting points when he was talking about staying alactate and how whenever he feels like he has crossed that threshhold he is about to get ripped. I am either in significantly worse shape (of course I am 39) or Grissim has reached a level that I am not at because when I am grappling with higher belts or very athletic guys I am into that met-con type feeling. This past Wednesday I trained for right at 3 hours and the last 45 minutes was non stop grappling. Two out of the last 3 matches left me feeling very wrung out. My only point here is that technique wins every time with the right amount of strength but you need the gas in the tank to get there.

I also focus on the exact same thing for grip. I used to race motorcross and we called it forearm pump. It was a clue that your technique sucked and you were just hanging on. I think it is exactly the same in BJJ when my forearms start burning I look for where I am messing up. One of the major things I have started doing is from any top control I am now cupping the shoulder or tricep instead of grabbing the gi. That has made a big difference and just as Grissim said when I need to I grab and go.

I have used the versa climber before and found it to kick my arse. There was one on Craigslist a couple of months ago for cheap but I just couldn't justify it. I am going to spend some time reading Joel's stuff. Sounds very interesting.

I am pretty sure that while Ross does a ton of interval training he is into roadwork to prep someone for their fights. Again I think there is a difference between a product being sold for mass consumption and what might be done with a specific individual. I know that I have read several fight prep updates from training camps with Ross where they are running long distances.

Most of us coach ourselves on here and have had successes and failures finding what is right for our on situation. These products that are being sold are being sold to make money for the people selling them. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact if I wasn't so lazy I would have already brought my product to the market but alas that is another story. Pick a product / style / workout map it out over 6 months or whatever time is available and stick with it. That is the key. Nothing will work if you are changing plans every couple of months. I plan on competing in the International Worlds in Brazil in July. Knowing that date I am working backwards with my strength and conditioning plan.

This is a rambling post so I am going to stop typing now.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin
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