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Peter, I think you're missing the context of the argument!

15 BW overhead squats is Elite when you can do it without training for it, figure it out. Take the tests without training for the tests and see how you do! Hows your Fran, Grace, Isabel, Muscle-Ups, Linda, Kelly, JT, Annie, Helen, Barbara, Diane, Chelsea, Elizabeth right now?

You're missing the forest for the trees! We're not Professional Overhead Squatters. We're lifers, unknown stress and happenstance is our sport, train for that and you may one day be able to handle it... I'm less than impressed not with your physical feets but with your understanding of the issues at hand!

Yes OHS have transfer, every skill has transfer, so learn every skill you can, don't just stick to a few because thats what you're good at in the hopes that it will make you better at a bunch of others, thats where I disagree with some of the folks around here.
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