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Since this is my thread and I got the attention of you guys and I believe you all are very knowledgeable, I need a workout for Monday. At the bottom of this thread is what I did Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday I plan to rest and Wednesday I plan train MMA. So I need a strength and conditioning piece for Monday. Something simple that will give me most bang for my buck.

My end goal is an MMA match in January that is 3 x 3min rounds. It's not a serious fight, just a "Smoker" session which is a more formal sparring session and more importantly Free. It's like the two youtube videos I have on my training log.

Saturday = rest day

Power Cleans

Squats (High bar ATG)
5x 225

My own version of a 3 x 3min fight gone bad that included some of the following:
burpees, push press, SDHP's, Slam Ball, box jumps, Hang squat cleans.
CA Training Log
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