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Tony Ferous
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You should definately work on eating more veggies, or perhaps berries if not to get most of of your antioxidants. Food is most important, but it was a supplement question....

Supp's really depend on how much $$ your prepared to part with and what your goals are.

•B-100 Get any extra B's from a multi
•Cayenne Eat as food as Rob said.
•Ginkgo maybe

The below 2 have some pretty compelling human evidence if you ask me, but are pricey.
•Alpha Lipoic Acid Make sure you get the R+ form or dont bother.
•Acetyl L-Carnitine

The staple all look sensible before getting into exotics like ala, alc, except B12(get from meat or multi), and why so much fish oil? 3-5g range is usually ok or take even less and top up with salmon/sardines.
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