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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Also if you were wondering, I would be doing 3-4 days a week MMA technique except I can't afford to join an MMA gym. So I get freebies from my old MMA coach plus 2-3 quality sparring partners. I can count on them for usually one to two workouts per week.
ouch. i know what that's like though. i used to live somewhere where monthly starting fees were $180/month, and that wasn't even for every class. now i train somewhere where it's $75/month for 5days a week, ~3hour of mat time. most of my college friends think that's steep, but i try to assure them that it's a damn good deal compared to other places.

sorry you were askin for a monday workout and it's almost the end of monday, but it's finals now and i got a structural biochem exam tomorrow.

do you want a road work type workout? personally when i'm doing one of these type of workouts, i mix together jump roping, sledge hammer+tire, KB's, pullups and pushups. i try to keep it as basic as possible because i don't want to stress out my CNS with complex forms during a long lasting endeavor.

it's kinda like what i read muhammad ali did. generally i stick to the jumprope for most of the time. once i feel like i have a good amount of wind and energy, i'll do one of the other exercises. i don't go balls out interval style. i try to keep decent form, and go until i feel the very beginnings of dragging, or when my form begins to deteriorate. if i get a little too tired and i start catching the jump rope on my feet too much, i'll switch to wall ball with a 10# ball and a ~10 foot high spot. this generally helps me recover for more jump roping.

i try to feel a flow/pace during this endeavor, and i try not to break it. it's not crossfit intense, it's not boring, but it's kinda envigorating (kinda like dancing maybe?). i try to make it feel how an actual competition feels when you're trying to conserve energy. it's that feeling where you put forth proper effort when needed, but you don't ever (i'm gonna quote my instructor on this) "insist" on anything.

i generally do 15-20 minute sessions so that i don't cause much cortisol release. if i'm in the mood or "feeling it," i'll go longer. i find that you will mentally know when you need to stop.

right now my workouts are OL, gymnastics, conditioning (either above or a metcon). dunno if this helps, but i haven't had any strength or conditioning problems in BJJ for a long time now. if i get beaten, it's probably because the guy was better.
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