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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Nice contribution to the thread MOD. I was actually hoping you'd jump in on this one.

Sorry if my tone may have been a bit harsh. I was in a different kind of recovery mode.

Mike. What you're doing is more along the lines of Lean Gains but without the calorie counting that I think Martin prefers, right?

I've actually been thinking of doing something like this as I'm trying to put some weight on, but want to keep it in check and give my gut a rest. I've been doing very little fasting and could use a break from food once in a while. You may be on to something.
Me not chime in with an IF thread? Even in a Guinness stupor I would slur something I didn't see any harshness above.

Yes it is a bit similar to Martin's outline although I don't really concern myself with specific eating windows or calories on M-W-F. Those are high calorie (and milk) days. The real IF days are S-T-Th with focus on lower calorie intake (usually lower fat/carbs and higher protein) in a shorter window. Also I don't do any pwo special eating/cycling, just keep it consistent through out the day and throw a workout in the middle somewhere.

It's almost like putting Eat-Stop-Eat and Leangains in a blender....what you may get out of it.

If you look at all the IF vs CR studies they are always more the alternate day setup, and the IF group always maintains (mostly lean) bodyweight, where CR loses muscle mass. So the window on high calorie days is not really that important (and may need to be bigger to allow more calories).

Making it a M-W-F (eat and workout) and S-T-Th (IF) schedule is just simple for me to keep workouts on those days consistent weekly and just IF around them...but I am sure there is more than one way to skin the cat.

I also am doing mainly one big meal of higher protein (75% of daily goal in one sitting with smaller amounts around it) on the non-workout/recovery/IF days to personally test the theory of protein pulsing in regards to 24 hr protein synthesis total (as some studies show no difference in net 24hr protein synthesis between spreading out the meals and pulsing them in a big meal if the total is the same). Since this is on "recovery" days, it really doesn't play into any issues about muscle catabolism around workouts (as anything done on these days are low intensity).

As far as a mass gain approach, this makes more sense to me and keeps me sane. Granted I am not a BB by any means (nor do I want to be), but for a healthy (and happy) way to put on lbs....this seems more ideal.

I like this tid bit from this article on weston price about bodybuilding nutrition throughout the years
Strongfort suggested eating only two meals a day, a strategy shared by Macfadden that would re-emerge in the 60s and 70s. Strongfort and Macfadden both advised against overconsumption of food. They claimed overconsumption created a negative stress on the body’s systems, sensible advice that bodybuilding publications would ignore in the coming years.
Building muscle is a whole body process....makes sense the more the body is happy, the better it can do its job. Using longer IF to improve insulin levels, reduce inflammation (esp from any food allergies) and clean up the digestive system.....sounds like a good plan.

I also find it interesting as the previous poster child for not dealing with milk well.....right now with the way it is setup, I'm doing ok.
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