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you're completely missing the point. The only people who consider 15 BW OHS a worthwhile feet are CrossFitters. Why because to an olympic lifter it is not! Being both I may have a different perspective. The point is that it becomes a significant feet when you can accomplish the task without training specifically to achieve the task. This is where mixed mode varied training comes in to play. The reason CrossFit has its benchmarks is to tell them how their mixed mode training is developing.

If I did Fran 3 times per week for a few months I guarantee you I would have a sub 3:00 Fran. The point is not to do Fran to improve Fran. The point is to do Diane, Elizabeth, OHS, Grace, Isabel, Kelly, Nicole, Annie, Angie, and everyother possible workout and then do Fran to see how you match up to yourself previously.

You are taking your judgement of Elite out of context. You have to consider who and why said persons are suggesting elitism, which honestly I've never heard anyone call this feet elite but I like arguing none the less. Yes you're right that for someone who trains in a specific endeavor an Elite feet pushes the edges of genetic ability. But what about someone who trains simply to complete random tasks? Than Elite takes on a different meaning and that meaning is what I'm suggesting that you are not understanding.

Since you've been doing OHS check your Diane time... Thats the best test you can do for yourself! You're forgetting that life never throws Overhead Squats at you when you've been training them, life throws you deadlifts and right now your deadlifts need work. And in my humble opinion so do your overhead squats those wouldn't fly here.

Sorry thats just the way I see it.
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