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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
if you're lifting like 4 days/week. I'd temporarily lower it to maintenace levels-either 2 or 3 days/week. Those with lower levels of strength can work aerobic and strength together, but with higher levels of strength, it may interfere with your heart adaptations. I'm sure your heart is already pretty thick from strength training and short CrossFit metcons, which will make it harder to stretch anyways.
Here this should make it easier to lay out a program for me. Let's assume I am doing 1 day of MMA training and 2 days of strength training and I have roughly 4 days per week all together to train. I know Grissim would cringe at the thought of only 1 day a week of MMA training but let's face it I am a 30 year old CPA with family.

Strength days obviously consist of usually two exercises (squat, press, O'Lift) with 10min metcon at end.

MMA training day usually consists of 15 minutes of warmup that includes light sparring then several 3 minute intervals. We usually just set the timer for 3min on 1min rest. If I want to work gaurd escape, I will start in gaurd for a 3min round. If I want to work thai kicks I'll kick the pads for a 3 min round, etc. We just kind of drill through whatever we want to work on. Very informal.

So that is 3 days right there. So I could do a fourth day of 45 minutes in zone 1 hear rate or I could drop a strength day and two days of 45 minutes in zone 1.

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