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for example this list of athletic feats:

look under elite athlete and OHS.

I am not into Crossfit, sorry. And I do not agree with your definition of elite either but lets agree to not agree.

The reason I posted this thread is that I thought some of those interested might be informed if and to what extent there is a transfer of the OHS to other skills. Not to imply that everybody should start OHS.

And frankly I don't think that my OHS or my deadlift needs much more work.

But I have a question to you, how many Crossfitters are there which haven't trained the OHS and can do the 15OHS and how many have trained for it and can do it, as you imply that Crossfitters are the only one interested in the feat? No agenda on my part, just curiosity.

Right now I am the only one I know who has done the 15OHS and I would like to know of at least another person. I am especially interested how he/she trained and if he/she experienced a similar transfer of strenght endurance on max strenght as I did. The increase in deadlift I experienced may be due to my low numbers in the deadlift but there is little research known to me which deals with the question of such a transfer...
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