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I've done 20 reps(consecutive) of my BW OHS at 67.5kg. I was 67kg at the time I am now 71kg.
Haven't tried it again, my focus is elsewhere but at the approx same time we (friends) often did 100 consecutive (no put downs) KB swings with the 32kg for time. As well as many 5min 24kg KB Snatch tests.

Re: Transfer
Not really sure as I didn't approach it in such an analytical way as yourself but I am still seeing steady gains in my Squats however my Dead Lift atm has stopped at 160kg(raw).

For the record I agree with Pierre.

But in the end work towards something or don't work towards something just make sure your doing something at sometime.

If you believe its elite, good for you it’s just a word, if you don't and elite is important to you then replace it with something that is.

You could always just go and compete in a well-organized sport at an elite level.
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