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Derek, thanks for the info. Been a bit busy at work so no time for the Internet till now. I have come up with similar numbers, tho my fat %ages may be a bit higher. Interesting that when I eat Zone (which I never do anymore) My cal requirements come out at around 2700 Cal. Not surprised that the Zone is oft considered a starvation diet. I'll post up my numbers later, don't have my training log in front of me.

I kept a food log for a week, the amount of sugar and empty Cals I was eating was nothing short of amazing. It is interesting to see how easy it is to let excess/low nutrition food in when you do not keep a log, but once I started tracking everything I found it pretty easy to modify my behavior, and everything fell into place. Now that I have cut out all the sugary crap and eat more whole foods, it is so much easier to control appetite. I also find myself eating less. Robb had made comments on his blog about how high carb/processed diets irritate the gut and prevent the uptake of calories, I'd be surprised if something like that was not happening in my case.
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