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here I am in agreement with you and I can see that we can be content in disagreeing. The only other person I can verify as having done this is myself. I don't do much for high-rep overhead squats other than what comes up in the WOD's which I don't do the WOD's from the main page. At least not in order. I use them when it fits the schedule used here at the gym. So I don't do much. I do heavy OHS when I train the Olifts or when I'm doing Snatch Balances or Snatches.

I have seen transfer into other avenues of lifting but I would say more directly into my snatch than my deadlift but that should be obvious! I don't really do any considerable deadlifting these days, maybe once a month but I can deadlift double bodyweight most any day of the week unless I am extremely fatigued.

My point is simply that Elitism has to be taken into context, I also don't think that 15 BW OHS is Elite by any means but it is certainly worth mentioning. Though I would suggest only in an ass to grass manner. Your flexibility issues give you one of two things in my opinion: an excuse to do it poorly or a good excuse to do it within your limits. Since I don't personally know you and can't judge in person my intent isn't to insult either I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you have a legit reason for doing it within your limits.

I'm no super athlete myself, frankly I'm poor at a great deal of things: for instance my jerk is crap! but I'm working on it.

Anyhow I apologize for degrading this conversation into a pissing match which was not my intention and I know it wasn't yours. What I'll say is this, as for transfer I truly believe that overhead squats translate well into just about anything that involves transfering force from the ground through your legs into an external object. That has been my experience.
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