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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I don't see why the program above wouldn't be a fine way to go. Adequate volume, certainly the intensity is there and the sprinting etc. shouldn't be so bad that you get worn out. Just be sure to deload when necessary, which may be a good time to drop the sprints altogether.

7kg is quite a bit of LBM to build if you can't handle getting chunky. (you're not alone).
I do tend to lose faith during times when definition isn't particularly good. It's a hard habit to break but I've always held leanness in high regard as a physical attribute just because it's such a hard condition to attain then maintain if you are not naturally inclined to do so. Being a beefy, undefined gymhead is easy - being strong pound for pound, genuinely fit and lean all at the same time is the opposite. That's just what goes on inside my head anyway. I'm informed enough to be rational though, and know that it's only a temporary means to an end anyway.

Yeah, I intend to hit it hard for 4 weeks or so, then reduce the weight and cut the sprints (and probably eat less) for a week, then repeat. I'm pretty certain I read on here that bulking works best if you really pound the calories hard for two weeks, then eat a maintenance diet for 2 weeks and repeat in cycles like that - any thoughts on that?
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