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Hmmm Less reason for GPP out of season? I'm guessing that was a typo.

I totaly agree that eplosiveness would be worked on in the game and during standard practice. And no I would'nt load a bunch of plyos and o-lifting onto a bunch of guys who already had a tough schedule. The plyo and o-lifting coment was directed at the original post I was'nt thinking of a basket ball team when I wrote it.

The point I was trying to make with my poorly explained glib remark is that that option one is more sport specific to basket ball (which I see as a series of 2-5 second sprints with jumping followed by a period of jogging for position) than option two (which is a steady state grinder type of workout), and therefore that *type* training is more important during the season than option two. If I had to guess I would think that a standard practice looks more similar to option one than two.

My feeling is that option two looks nothing like a basket ball game at all. But I have to admit I have no experience with the sport. And my hunch is that a twenty minute long lactate bath would probably hurt vertical leap and overall explosiveness rather than help it.

Sitting here in front of my computer with no basketball experience at all. I will give you my arm chair opinion of how a basket ball team should be trained which might not be worth much.

In the pre season I would have the team work on max strength, option two type workouts, and LSD running. To give the players as broad base of strength, endurance and stamina as posible.

In the first month of the season I would switch to plyos, and a bit of o-lifting (mainly hang power cleans to minimise the chance for injury). This will slightly overload the players but that's the point for now because the playoffs are miles away.

After the first month I would stick to practices, games, and one day a week in the gym to maintain strength.

I would try to make the practices look like option one and as the season wears on I would make the intervals shorter and more intense with slightly longer rest periods.

The week before important games (whenever they are) I would reduce pratices to skills and strategy with a very minimal physical component to alow the players to rest up for the big game.

let me know what you think
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