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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
Yeah...there's one other guy who also writes on Elite FTS who promotes similar stuff to Joel's, but I don't remember who he is.
I did my CO work today. I set my Polar heart rate monitor to a zone of 120 to 140 then proceeded to just wonder around the gym for 45 minutes. It went something like this:

Jump rope
Some different elliptical machine.
Jump rope
Yet another type of elliptical machine (this is the local Globo gym keep in mind I had plenty ellipticals to choose from.
More jump rope
Threw a medicine ball against the wall and floor.
Did some shadow boxing
Threw medicine ball around some more
Shadow box

Well you get the point. I did that for 45 minutes.... Sparring partners cancelled on me this week!! Sucks because there is a no-gi tourney Saturday that is only $20 to enter. If I would have had at least an hour of rolling around to polish my game I would have gone and done it.
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