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Not in terms of specific OHS training I was on CrossFit WODs and extra KB work for TSC prep.That did include a lot of one arm OHS.
In truth at my light BW and endurance background, I didn't feel such volume based things are that impressive. Ias yet have not achieved a double BW OHS and this would be of more value to me.

Re: The Why
We were just into challenages so volume seemed logical,eg 100 swings,50 Long Cycle Double KB C&J,100 snatches
Although I do feel that most challenages as such are important to go through now and again I do believe they have a heavy mental component.
For Example when doing the OHS I would pause for 3 breathes in top position before each rep after the 10 mark.I just had to grit it out so to speak.

I feel the same way bout the Snatch test,you will lose some skin so tough it out.To train for it would I would not embark on constant 10 min or 5min sessions of snatches.
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