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Originally Posted by Mike Prevost View Post
Have not read any of that stuff. I can see strength training modalities like jumping and sprinting being less of a problem than traditional squats. WHen I was training for Iornman, there was no way I could recover from any lower body strength training and still be able to put in quality sessions in the run and on the bike. I think most elite level endurance athletes would have the same problem. Why fatigue yourself with an exercise modality that has little specificity for your particular event? Besides, if I had an extra 30 minutes, that time was better spent on an extra run.

Most likely you didn't build up to the level of volume that you needed to train strength and endurance simultaneously. It takes a certain adaptation period to be able to follow up a heavy strength session with an endurance session, or vice versa. I never understood the more is better mantra except in base-building, in which case I could understand.
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