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Default Grip pain in the snatch

[crossposted from where HITites and CrossFitters fear to tread]

If I work up to a maximal or near-maximal snatch, and then go to the clean, and attempt to go back to do more snatches, it becomes painful to grip the bar with my left hand. It feels as though the pressure on the bone at the base of the thumb causes the pain. Sometimes the pain is just in the hand in general, sometimes it spreads into the wrist or makes the whole forearm sort of tense up.

Why this is happening isn't really a great mystery-- I've put a lot of PRs overhead with this grip over the past couple months, without taking much time off, and my snatch-grip overhead strength is dicey.

But does anyone have any suggestions as to how to work around this when I encounter it? At the end of the day, this is sometimes the limiting factor in how much volume I can handle in the snatch. I have tried shifting my hook grip in various ways to no effect; the pain seems to be alleviated but not completely eliminated by making a conscious effort not to overgrip the bar.
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