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Hey Craig!
This was kicked around over at the Cf message board a while back...I think throwing med balls, Thai kicks, windshield wipers, hooks...all these fit in nicely.

Here is a potential WOD with all rotational elements:
10 Thai kicks L/10 Thai kicks R
20 Med-ball punches (throw like a cross, roll hip over completely) 10R/L
6 windshield wipers
rounds in10, 15 or 20 min (10 looks good to the words of Coach Rut: "Stimulate, Don't annihilate".)

Keep in mind that many of these movements lend themselves well to speed work ala Westside dynamic effort (set of 5 reps done as quickly as possible. 2-3 min rest between efforts.

Check out Ross Enamaits book Infinite Intensity for some awesome ideas in this line:

All of Ross's work is Top-Notch.
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