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Ryan Smith
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From the cost perspective here's the breakdown for several types of fish oil - originally in comments here from GabeK:

I did some quick math tonight…and found some interesting stuff amongst the fish oils I am familiar with:
Costco Non-Coated 400 Pill Bottle – $.08/gm EPA+DHA
Costco Coated 180 Pill Bottle – $.14/gm
Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil 16.9oz – $.17/gm from VitaCost
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Liquid 8oz – $.47/gm from VitaCost
I'd have to listen to the podcast again, but I think Robb mentioned that the less pure of a fish oil you get there's some possibility of GI issues (interestingly enough though he said you can't get mercury poisening from fish oil - didn't know that) and other issues that might arise... Personally, I think the Costco enteric brand might not be super-terrible if someone absolutely didn't want to drink it as a straight liquid. I'm going to try drinking it as a straight liquid and I don't even know if I'll be able to handle it. It may end up in my dog's food dish just like when I tried Greens+ haha.
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