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I was thinking of tyring this eating scheme out...

First off, I have mad respect for Robb Wolf and nothing I have followed of his has ever really betrayed me so...

Basically you eat three times a day, lower carb, 100% not so far off from what I was doing earlier.

Today was:

6:30 am
3 whole eggs
chicken breast

blended shake of: 100% organic cold milled hemp seed
100% cocoa powder and cinn. for flavor in water
10 almonds

est 600- 650 cal

butterfly lean pork chop (.85 pound)

Huge side salad of spinach with some cheery tomato and mushrooms with olive oil dressing.

15 almonds, and some wlanuts and pinch of cashews

est 700 cal

1 pound flank, local grown steak trimmed of fat
1 yellow bell pepper

3 celery stalks with 100% organic sun butter (est 2 TBS)

est 700 cal

What do you guys think? There is no real pre or post meal eating. But on days I Lift, 3 days a week, I will end up eating dinner about 45 min after lifting so that counts, and on days I roll BJJ its a sort of mini IF because I eat an early dinner at 4 and dont eat again untill 6:30 or 7- so like an 15ish hour fast. It is def low carb, and I didnt count but seems to be under 50 to me. On lifting days I may eat some berries at breakfast and some more veggies at dinner.
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