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Michael McKenna
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I just re-read your post, and here's my thoughts on blocks. You can get some pretty nice and simple designs off the web. I have a pair of pullign blocs with three different heights; I cut 2x4s, stacked them, and encased the box in plywood. They're solid, easy to move, and portable. One side is knee height, one side is mid-thigh, and one side is just below the knee. I just lay them on a diefferent end to get the height I want.

Dropping squats is easy and the way to go' learn to bail. If you high bar squat, that is; dumping is easy in front squats. But learn how to do it first. The ironmind pillars of power will spot you nicely if you really have fear in the squat.

For the other slow lifts, the only one you need a spotter on is benching. So stop benching and do more push-ups.

I would try to find soemwhere to set up the power rack, though. There's lots you can do in a power rack.
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