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Thanks, everybody.

Aimee-- I didn't think about that. I'll definetely try that, but I'll save it as a last resort.

Greg-- I don't hold the hook overhead, but for some reason my forearm freaks out and spasms anyway after I pull that way with, even when I get the snatch into a perfect support position. Icing is probably a very good idea. The mobility work sounds like it might be a good idea, too; I don't do any wrist mobility work at all. So it's OK to train the wrists for mobility? I thought that the general idea was that you were supposed to train ankles for mobility, but wrists for stability? Is oly lifting an exception to this rule, or is this rule just--not a rule after all?

Pierre-- I prefer not using straps just because it's better practice for the feel of a heavy lift, but I do use them sometimes anyway. Also, as I indicated to Greg, sometimes it flares up even when I use straps in the overhead position.
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