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I have a 10# med type, and pairs of JS bands from mini to heavy.


Steve mentioned that if the physical strength wasn't there, and if that was the limiting factor for a particular kettlebell lifter, then a basic strength program would be prescribed.

Steve's talk about programming was pretty basic, with one squat, one press, and one pull recommended for each session.

One thing that wasn't talked about much, was how to reconcile kettlebell sport training and other training. I don't think many people have done it as of yet. One thing that is true is the kettlebell lifting, as per the sport, builds a tremendous amount of work capacity.

How to combine that with, oh, say, maximal strength training in the best way possible hasn't really been looked at yet, as I can see, but I would imagine it'd be very much like the ME Black Box approach or a one lift a day approach.

Since you train for time, you know what your time commitment is going to be, so you could easily tack it onto the tail end of a strength session.


Strength Portion:

Power clean/High pull/Deadlift progressive pulls
Front squats from rack
Push presses from rack

GS Portion:

5 minutes of GS jerk practice with 24kg kbs
5 minutes of overweight swings with one hand switch: 32kg kb.
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