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right now we buy our chicken in 10 pound packs (breasts) at 1.69 a pound and burger in the same quantity at 1.99 a pound from a local meat distributor.

We buy veggies and fruit from costco because it is cheaper by the pound, with the exception of Guintas (local store) that has wicked cheap produce, but you have to pick out the good ones from a supply of mediocre ones.

I buy nuts in bulk from costco since their bags of almonds, pecans and walnuts are damn cheap by the pound.

Eggs, costco; all-natural breakfast sausage (Jones), costco.

We only buy steak when its on special, and its usually skirt steak (stuff is too good to pass up) or a large amount of brisket or roast and cook it up for the week.

My wife and I actually are pretty frugal and do very well with our money and food supply.

Then again we live in a populated area (long island) and we have about 10 different places to shop for food near us that always have specials and 4 different places from our place to the gym, so I realize that our situation is different than most of yours because you may live in an area with only a few choices.

So if I had to estimate what we spend, it is comparable to Scott, and I eat about 3000-5000 cals a day depending on my level of hunger.
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