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Default How to get more carbs in diet?

I have been studying a lot more on nutrition lately in an attempt to clean up my diet. I have no desire to lose weight or gain weight. I just want good recovery from my workouts and general healthiness. As a frequenter of the CA and CF websites I know zone and paleo stuff. I have also been reading quite a bit of Rob Wolf's materials.

My question is if I want to go on a stricter Paleo type diet how do I get my carbs in without grains? For example, I loosely follow zone proportions of 5 block meals and 2 block snacks, or about 19 blocks/Day. I have been following this for years and it works well for me as far as my goal of weight maintenance. However, I do not know if I could be getting better sports performance from cleaning up my diet some. So I started working more paleo type meals but I would have to eat a crapload of vegetables to make a 5 block meal. What am I missunderstanding about Paleo...
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