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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
... sweet potatoes/yams, and fruit work fine.
Originally Posted by Jay Cohen View Post
...yams, berries(frozen Sam's Club), easy to get carbs, but you do have to EAT them and prepare them enough diff ways not to get bored...add a tad of Oatmeal...
Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
sweet potatoes, squashes, fruits..
Thanks guys. I was unaware sweet potatoes were acceptable. They used to be a staple in my diet. I would normally cook up enough chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and brocolli to make about 4 meals every Sunday night. Then I read somewhere, Paleo I think, that sweet potatoes were not good.

The reason I get so confused with nutrition stuff is because I can never figure out when authors are talking to an audience that wishes to lose weight versus an athlete who only wants high performance and has no desire to lose weight.

I have the zone and Paleo books, but I think those are geared towards people trying to lose weight and generally not very athletic people. So they confuse me even more. Robb Wolf has lot's of good resources, but I have the same problem with him, that is deciphering if he is talking to some fatass or an athlete. He's got a sample 16 block zone diet on his website but I have a feeling if I started following that I would start melting away.

Then on the other end of the spectrum, I have this book called Nancy Clark's Sport Nutrition Guide Book. At one point several years ago I think this book was a staple for sports nutrition, it is in like it's 4th edition now. However, I think it is geared more towards marathon runners. Plus Nancy Clark goes contrary to all other books in that it recommends tons of pasta, grains, etc.

It's so confusing!!
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