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I work out 2 days a week at Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY. I lift with that bad apple John Alston, who also posts here from time to time. It's pretty much like a YMCA/recreation center with basketball, volleyball, boxing, standard freeweights, cardio, and ping pong. Of course the ping pong area is situated right next to the Olifting platforms, so it makes it interesting at times...some people have rather terrible aim.

Back to the original post...
I really hope your gym can stay open. As Ron and Mike said, a change in location is one option. People will travel if you've got the equipment and knowledge...heck, some people at LBH have commutes well over an hour from where they live.

Also, the program at LBH is actually city-sponsored for the most part, which makes it MUCH, MUCH easier to sustain. It's probably a long shot, but it might be worth looking into how one gets local funding for an athletics program. I'll ask my coach on Wednesday if he can shed any light on this.
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