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Originally Posted by Brian Lawyer View Post
Then on the other end of the spectrum, I have this book called Nancy Clark's Sport Nutrition Guide Book. At one point several years ago I think this book was a staple for sports nutrition, it is in like it's 4th edition now. However, I think it is geared more towards marathon runners. Plus Nancy Clark goes contrary to all other books in that it recommends tons of pasta, grains, etc.

It's so confusing!!
The only significant difference between the nutritional requirements of endurance athlete and strength athletes is endurance athletes generally have greater requirements for calories, carbohydrates and protein (link) per kg of BW than strength athletes. This means you can take what you learn from Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guide* and adapt it to the paleo diet by substituting roots, tubers, fruit and honey for the grains the authors say you should eat.

* A Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition by Anita Bean is a better book IMO.
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