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Originally Posted by Mike Prevost View Post
Hi Eric. I would respond but I cannot figure out what you are saying. Maybe if you wrote actual sentences it would make more sense?

I am not a LSD/Maffetone fan. There is a place for LSD but LSD all the time is a waste and not optimal.
Maffetone's method does work, but it does that a very long time to top out your highest speed at a low HR. However, there have been plenty of other methods that have come out that are also effective. When I was using Maffetone's training methods, I was seeing my speed increase while my HR stayed low. But I also ran out of patience for it after several months and decided to give up being a slave to the HR monitor. After trying low-HR/low-intensity work, high-HR/high-intensity work, and everything in-between, I've found my body seems to be good with a mix of both low and high efforts.
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