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Originally Posted by Jay Ashman View Post
basically, sprint more.

Work on power development for your legs and foot speed, as well as sprinting technique.

double-unders (for foot speed and quickness), box jumps, footwork drills, starting drills (off the blocks), overspeed training, parachute training, etc..

there are a lot of things you can do...

why do you want to improve it? for track or for fun?
I'm training for 100m speed.

What distance(s) should I run, how many sets and reps. Would sprinting a full court basketball court, I think around 30m do?

Should I try some mid distance, at least 3km maybe, jog with like a little incline, 90 meters long incline, on some part of the course of the park? If so, how should my schedule look like, including the weight training days and off days.

What's overspeed training and how do I get a parachute, and where do I train with it.

I am already squatting. What muscles apart from the legs that I should train in the gym to increase my sprinting speed and what exercises do that?
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