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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
Most people are fading at the end because they neglect working the 50-100m part of the race. So by default, if you win to 50m, you likely win to 100m. However, that's a pretty poor race strategy. Build up the speed endurance that your opponents aren't working because they are focusing on how fast they are off the blocks and how quickly they accelerate, as you just suggested.
that sounds pretty good to me, I'm not a specialized sprint coach I just go by what I know worked for me and the few I have helped several years ago. Its an area that I am looking to learn more about for sure.

The end of the race is at least as important as the beginning. From about 60m on, it's are slowing down.
wouldn't longer sprints help that as well? do some 200's and 400's to build up the speed endurance for example?
Note, Carl Lewis was rarely the first one out of the blocks. He won by smart race strategy...lengthening his acceleration (rather than trying to get up to top speed as fast as possible) and overtaking them at the end (with superior speed-endurance, aided by not hitting hit top speed till later in the race). Prime example:
Carl Lewis was also a freak of nature as well, he's not the norm for a sprinter, he had an incredible ability to turn it up a notch at the end.
The same could be said of Bolt's race in Beijing...he was the last one out of the blocks, though he's a freak of nature that doesn't conform to many "rules" of sprinting.
Yea, we can look at Usain and say that he follows very little rules of sprinting. His strides per 100 is insanely low compared to other sprinters, his stride is a lot longer... I just hop that he is clean. I'd hate to see another tainted athlete of that caliber.
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