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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Sorry for the thread-jack, but DUs are a pet peeve of mine. DUs are absolutely the wrong place to start. In fact, the way most people do them, it doesn't train foot speed at all. CF has screwed up the general understanding of jump rope training as bad as they have medicine ball training.
I don't care about CF's definition of it, I care about how it applies to foot speed and turnover speed. Think about it, if you rebound effectively and learn how to quickly jump up and down (rope or not, the rope just teaches coordination) that can apply to sprinting where you have to learn to fly and not keep the foot on the ground for any length of time at all.

Med ball training is another world. I have never programmed in wallballs in my workouts or for others, I gave my wife a wallball workout once for fun, but it was a 10 pound ball - 20 pound balls are pointless.
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