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When I am not on the road I train at home. I have a cozy little garage with most of the tools I need. My next purchase will be a Pendlay bar and KB's

2 cheap olympic bars
300 + Lb's steel weights
300 + Lb's Bumpers
Dumbells to 50 LB's
Dip station
Pullup Bar on ceiling 4' long with an OD of 1 1/2"
17' climbing rope mostly hung over the PU bar for grip PU's
Rings from PU bar
I forgot what kind of Squat Stands but they are nice and I like them
Muay thai bag
40 LB everlast bag
C2 Rower
Stationary Trainer for my Tri Bike
Medicine balls, swiss balls and assorted other exercise implements

On the road I use the YMCA or whatever Globo Gym is affiliated with the hotel I am staying . It sucks but a lot of the gyms out there want to charge 20$ for a one day pass. If there isn't a real gym close by it is bodyweight all the way baby! I bought the scrapper mod1 stuff so that I would have an arsenal of bodyweight stuff to do when I can't get to a gym. I also fall back on Tabata intervals a ton when I am on the road, if you get creative you can change the intervals up enough not to go crazy in 4 days.
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