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Thanks Mike
Thats kinda my question.. to get in 1.5grams protein per pound bodyweight (305grams per day) is a lot of meat and eggs and addition getting the required fats and proteins in to make up the BMR caloric requirement of 3000-3200cals, well, thats a whole bunch of food..getting it into 3 meals is goin to mean some pretty big meals, it may still be more practicaly to 'graze' over the 8 hours to ensure all the calories get in by the cutoff.

After some further thought, I'm now seeking input on the following questions:

1 - if my feeding period is midday to 8pm, or 2pm -10pm, and I train in the middle of all that at 5pm, will that have any real effect on fat loss given most recommendations I see are to have the bulk of calories after training? This simply is not practical for me to do given my work schedule.

2 - on the cardio/stair climbing days, should I still follow a pre and post QPI shake protocol, or stick to sipping BCAA/Beta Alanine etc which i'd typically have peri weights workout?

3 - given i'm a late trainer, as in train in the evenings, having post workout starchy carbs in the evenings... is that going to cause me any problems with fat gain or sleep disruption?

Should I just do 1 24 hour fast starting 8am Sunday morning through to 8 am Monday morning and do my 'normal' eating schedule those days.. looking at it the IF of 16/8 gives me more fasted time, given i'd still have to eat on the days I do stair climbin etc so a mid week 24hour fast isn't practical either..

HOpe today is a great one for all your families.

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