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1) The biggest effect on fat loss is going to be your caloric deficit (assuming you're getting enough protein). If you set your calories @ maintenance each day, you'll see either no change or the sloooooooowest of recomps that will slow out. Given your training age, I would guess you'd see zero change.
2) It doesn't matter unless you can't maintain the necessary effort.
3) No.

Do what will work in your schedule. If that's a 24 hour fast on Sundays to eliminate ~3000 calories or more from your weekly intake, then do that. If you can swing something like 15/9, 16/8 etc. then do that.

Remember though that you can lose fat faster than you can put on muscle. If you must try and recomp, remember that a) the # on the scale is likely to drop even if you are adding lean mass while cutting fat (unlikely in the first place anyway) and b) you'll take longer to get to your goals than if you just leaned out then made for a slow/lean gain approach.

Nobody can tell you that you should do this one or that one. Do the one that is doable for you.

I'm guessing you already know all of this. Nothing wrong in asking the questions and/or looking for affirmation of an idea, but in the end you make the decision. Not anyone else.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
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