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Thanks Derek for those replies..

Ok so I would need to drop to 2500-2750 (from carbs probably) or so to see noticeable fat loss.. I know my scale weight is going to drop, that's all ok, I have to drop a few to get to my 'recomp' weight anyway, even if I drop a few kgs below that to 88kgs or something, if its at a sub 10%bodyfat given I'm a shortass that'll still look solid. The primary goal is getting sub 10% bodyfat first at as close to 90kgs as I can get. Cut then grow is probably the most realistic method here..

I also enjoy functional strength so being able to still deadlift 200kgs and such is going to be important for me to maintain. I may even sub the DC rest pause style of training for a low volume/phil hernon type program which ahs worked well for me in the past.

You're right Derek it's all up to me, always has been, but it is good as a long time 6 meal a day eater and trainer to gain affirmation and guidance on my thinking in what is a very new way of viewing things.

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